Home Heating Oil Prices

home heating oil prices

home heating oil prices
Japanese Stock Futures, Australian Shares Gain on Oil Prices; BHP Advances
Japanese stock futures and Australian shares advanced after oil and metal prices gained on speculation the U.S. may extend stimulus measures, bolstering demand for commodities.
Why ain’t people in the USA flipping out about the outrageous price of home heating oil?

The price based upon the cost of a barrel of crude should be NO more then 1.20 a gallon, but instead it’s still over 2.00 a gallon! Why ain’t any news papers or TV stations picking up the issue of home heating oil? have they forgotten about us? they only focused on price when it effected gas prices what about the fact the US is being gouged by oil companies and the average homeowner is struggling to keep their family’s warm?
I know why, because there is NOT enough public outrage over this issue, and the media isn’t taking any interest in brining this issue to light, either because they are owned in part or paid by the oil companies, or they ARE the oil companies just different paper owners, we are being RIPPED OFF BIG TIME and this is wrong will someone in the media PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS, DEMAND IS DOWN , BARREL PRICE IS DOWN, WHY ISNT THE COMSUMERS PRICE DOWN!!!!

I am angry about this also. The last time I ordered home heating oil, it cost me more than I paid last year. I asked why, and they said they didn’t know! great answer.

Home Heating Oil Prices Rising