Home Heating Oil Prices Nj

home heating oil prices nj

home heating oil prices nj
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Pros and cons of natural gas verse oil heat?

My wife and I are currently looking to purchase a home in NJ. The house we are looking at uses oil heat. We have always heard that natural gas is cheaper and more efficient and therefore were considering the price of switching if we bought the house. Can anyone tell me a website or just list what the pros and cons for each type would be? I have googled search 100+ times and can’t find any good informative sites. I am just wondering if we are putting too much emphasis on switching. the more reading I do on the subject, the more confused I get. Thanks.
yeah oneman that was real helpful. Thanks for nothing!!!!!

natural gas heat is very much prefered over oil heat…most people that can have gas heat,get it…the only exceptions are if you [1] dont have natural gas service to the home,,,or [2] if you do have it to the home but would rather just keep the old oil furnace than spend the money to buy a new gas furnace… right now in the baltimore/d.c area natural gas goes for about $1.25 per therm,[ including the “delivery charge” for use of the local utilities pipes since you can purchase the gas itself [commodity] from companies other than the utility]..,,a therm is 100 cu.ft,or about 103,000 btu’s of heat [input]…..heating oil prices are subject to larger fluctuations,,,,was over $4.00 per gallon earlier this year,,,probably back to around $2.00 or so at the moment….a gallon of heating oil contains about 140,000 btu’s of heat [ input]…also,heating oil has to be delivered in a truck and needs cleaning more frequently and is more likely to put an odor in the house…odor from either the oil itself,,or from a furnace that has sooted up…also old oil tanks eventually need replacing and can make a mess when they leak.some oil advertisements make it seem that gas is very dangerous but that is not true…incidents are very rare and usually have an explanation as to why it occurred,,i.e. a contracter struck a gas pipe while digging and the gas traveled into the home from underground and no one was home to smell it,etc.,,or a landlord made improper repaires to a furnace and left an unsafe condition,,etc,,etc…very rare….also gas furnaces over 90% efficient are common now whereas most oil furnaces are around 80% efficient [meaning 20% of the heat is vented outside and 80% of the heat goes to the home]…there are oil furnaces over90% efficient but they are trouble according to 2 technicians that i trained for my company [we fix gas,heat pumps,water heaters,and appliances] that came from oil heat companies..one even said his old co. wouldnt even put a 90% oil furnace under a service policy any more because of the time it takes just to clean it,,they would only clean them for the hourly rate..that says a lot to me…with gas you can choose between 80% and 90%….the 90%’s are more expensive and complex,,but still pretty reliable,,theyve been out about 20 years or so,the “bugs are out” as they say…hope this helps……dan

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