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home heating oil connecticut

home heating oil connecticut
This Santa (he’s a neighbor!) will respond to children’s letters
Reddingite Tom Santa, the grandson of the founder and current CEO of Santa Energy, recalls a phone call he received a few years ago from a boy trying to reach Santa Claus. “He had dialed our number, 800-93-SANTA, hoping to reach a certain jolly old elf residing at the North Pole but he got me instead.” Mr. Santa, happily spoke to the boy and helped him with his request. “This boy was not the …
Is it worth it to replace my forced-air oil heater with natural gas?

I live in Connecticut, where a lot of us have oil heated homes.

Although the up-front cost of replacing the oil furnace will be expensive, the savings between heating oil and natural gas will eventually be worth it. If the furnace needs to be replaced anyway – go with gas.

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