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home heating furnaces
Local chimney sweep has warnings for homeowners
With the recent blizzard and ensuing cold snap, people may have been tempted to use their fireplaces more than they normally would.Retrofitted stoves that go inside fireplaces have increased in use, too, as homeowners try to save on their heating bills.Two late-January house fires in South Elgin point out how important it is to do routine maintenance work and inspections to make the process of …
Burnham water Boiler (home heating system)?

My home furnace is not working properly, i just replaced the thermocouple so now the pilot stays lit i turn it to run i set my temp at a low setting 1 degree or more above current temp just like it says on the manual….stays on for about 30 seconds then it turns off (burners and pilot) completely off. i redo all the steps again and again and still the same outcome…
what else do i need to replace or do.

I am a Plumber in Boston, first thing I do on a no heat call is turn the thermostat all the way up and see what happens. There are a few reasons the main burner flame may cut out quickly. One is the Thermostat is set to close to the room temp. Another reason could be the Boiler is already at it max temprature. Without seeing it I can’t say what it should be at but on a Burnham maybe 180 or 190 if you have baseboard or radiators. Unles it is the Revolution I think which is the one with the corners angled so it isn’t quit square. That boilers High limit is 210 . Inside the front of the boiler is a temp pressue guage ,probably on the upper left . (Revolution is hard to see in the upper right) . If the water temp is hot you probably have a circulation problem.

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