Home Heating Fuel

home heating fuel

home heating fuel
Fuel bills ‘to rise £60’, report suggests
Winter fuel bills could increase by £60 over winter if the cold temperatures last into February, according to analysis by uSwitch.com.
Is home heating oil the same as diesel fuel?

We have type 2 heating oil for our home according to the delivery guy. Hubby says that it is the same thing as diesel fuel you can get from the gas station and can be used in the home. I am not so sure. ANyone know for sure?

It is very similar, as all the other answers have posted. However, I believe you are asking if you can use it in your home heating system. The answer is yes. I know many long-haul truck drivers who used to reduce their gross vehicle weight during stops at home by using a syphon hose and a bucket to off-load some of the fuel tanks (at the boss’s expense) into their stove system to cut down on heating bills. It burned well and did no damage that ever heard of to their heaters.

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