Home Heating Fuel Tanks

home heating fuel tanks

home heating fuel tanks
County’s community spirit, generosity needed again this winter
For the past three years, the Daily Local News has asked our readers to give to our annual holiday fundraising effort, the proceeds of which would be shared with the United Way of Chester County for funding of its successful Share the Warmth program.
Could you supplement your vehicle with Home Brew ?

Now I don’t mean illegal stills popping up everywhere with people drinking the alcohol! – I mean If everyone fed their vegetable waste through a shredder – then into a fermentation tank with enzymes and a high yield yeast, then just take out tank in a few weeks and connect into your car. You could then pump it through a very small heater unit – that will boil off the alcohol vapour in a continuous process using engine coolant at 90 degrees centrigrade. The resultant vapour would feed into the air inlet manifold – reducing the overall fuel load.

At the end of the trip, the tank could be taken back inside the house – still giving off heat untill cool – thus conserving more energy in the home – a giant hot watter bottle.

When cool, could be emptied onto a compost heap – with all the plant sugars effectively used.

Yes you can build a still as long as you mix gasoline in it to make it undrinkable.

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