Home Heating Costs

home heating costs

home heating costs
Taking the chill off
When Marie Salamone moved into her Brookline home, the winter wind ruffled the curtains, seeping through drafty windows and chilling the apartment. On went the sweaters. Up went the thermostat. And out the door went $300 a month to pay the heating oil bill.
Low cost ways to reduce heating costs in our home?

My husband and I are looking for some low cost ways to reduce our heating costs this winter. New insulation or windows or doors aren’t in our budget. 🙂

We’ve put plastic up on the inside of all of our windows. We’ve also put a thicker plastic up over our back door that is slightly damaged and drafty. Our windows look like they’ve been caulked around, and I caulked around the doorknob and lock on our front door to fill the gaps there. We’ve shut off our guest bedroom and bathroom that don’t get much use.

What are some other things we can try to help keep the heat in and the cold out?
Turn down the heater how low?
We have it set to be between 63-65 F while we’re active at home, and 60F at night and when we’re gone.

Do not use an exhaust fan while cooking. most of your heat will be lost doing this. Candles put off a lot of heat also. I dobt know if budget heat is available in your area but it helps us. We pay a set amount every month so our bill doesnt get too bad and we dish out a ton in one month. Use cold water to wash laundry if you have a gas water heater. Line dry clothes of you have a gas dryer. Ceiling fans help circulate the heat so it doesnt rise.

Cutting Home Heating Costs with Trees and Shrubs