Home Heater Repair

home heater repair

home heater repair
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I may need to replace the pressure release valve on my gas-fired hot water heater.?

Is that something that I can do myself with common tools, or is it best handled by a qualified plumber (i.e. – I don’t ‘sweat joints’, weld, etc.). Can I purchase the PRV at most big-box home repair stores?

1. turn off the gas and either let it cool or run the water for while after to cool the water inside.
2. turn the water (in) supply valve off there at the water heater.
3..relieve the pressure
4.disconnect the drain on the PRV.
5. counterclockwise the PRV with a adjusable wrench.
take to hardware store and compare.
replace using dope stick or tape on the threads for leakage.
reinstall drain line and turn it all back on.

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