Home Heat Exchanger

home heat exchanger

home heat exchanger
Entergy New Orleans Urges Customers to take Precautions during Colder Weather
Safety tips and conservation advice can be found at entergy-neworleans.com Colder temperatures have arrived and the National Weather Service is predicting a hard freeze across southeast Louisiana Monday night.
Does anyone know how Solar Water Heating works in homes?

I need to know all the details to understand how to do this, complete. Hypothetical Situation. People want their water heater to tie into solar power heating (heat exchanger). I don’t know the process, the materials, and cost for everything. I was wondering if there was anyone that could give me a more in-depth outline of what i’m suppose to do. I’d appreciate any professional input, thankyou.

Also i had a few more questions:

how much should a contractor charge? (rate)

do you need a special liscence?

The panels look similar to solar electric panels, but actually have water or glycol (anitfreeze) in the them. The water is circulated through the pipes, heated by the sun, then returned to the tank. Its pretty expesnive and only really effective in southern climes. Most systems will cost at least $5k. You’ll need plumbing, electrical, and roofing skills. Here is a good supplier:


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