Home Furnace Prices

home furnace prices

home furnace prices
Faulty furnace vent pipe caused deaths of two South Bend men
South Bend Police say faulty venting of a home’s furnace led to the carbon monoxide deaths of two South Bend men. 30-year-old Daniel Shivers and 39-year-old Victor Smith were found dead Saturday in their
Price of Oil Furnace/Air Cond.?

Our home is going to need a new oil furnace with an add on airconditioning unit. Any ball park figures to the cost? Which brand names have you found to be good?

With the new seer regulations (eff.rating) introuced last year air cond.has gotten a little pricy. probably a good standard oil furnace and air cond. Installed, will probably cost you at least $4000.00 and probably more.

Topper Price and the Upsetters at Sloss Furnace