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home furnace filter

home furnace filter
Bitter cold a bad time for furnace breakdowns
The coldest air of the season is here and this is no time to find out that your furnace is broken.
Home A/C outside runs, fan/blower furnace inside does not. If I kick it, it turns back on. Help?

Hi, my furnace/blower unit inside the house is pretty old. The last few months, it’s had a weird problem. It will run fine most of the time, but a few times a week I will notice that the compressor outside will be running like crazy and the copper pipes will be cold, but the blower won’t be on. I checked and rewired the kill switches (manual and filter door) and those are OK. I also rewired the thermostat wires on both ends and tried a different thermostat. I think I narrowed it down to the place where the thermostat wires connect. There’s a circuit board and transformer and some other stuff there. I think this is the condensor? When it’s off, If I tap this area with a tool, the unit kicks back on. Can someone please tell me what the problem could be? Can I do this myself? Where do I get the parts?

that board have 2 black relays on it look around them relays for burned mark. I bet that board need replacement.or one of them wire has corrosion on it,make sure you have good connections.get some contact sparay and clean them spade connections on that board.

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