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home ac units

home ac units
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How much would AC units cost on a 2330sq foot home?

We are wanting to buy a home but the two ac units are missing…. the square footage is 2330…. we live in Phoenix, AZ.

Please advise!

your question is vague…do you just need the 2 outdoor units?? probably 2-tons each?…that would cost around $4000 including installation….however there are compatability issues between new outdoor units and older,[even just a few years old] air handlers/indoor units…..if you need both outdoor units and both air handlers that will cost around $7000-$8000,,,assuming little or no extra ductwork is needed….dont go for the cheapest bid…get at least 2 estimates,if one est is much higher than the other,ask why,,it could be that the higher one is going to do the job right…….dan

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