High Efficiency Oil Furnace

high efficiency oil furnace

high efficiency oil furnace
Ecnec to consider shady locos deal today
ISLAMABAD (December 09, 2010) : The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) on Thursday (today) will consider yet another controversial and costly project: 150 diesel electric railway engines in Completely Built Unit (CBU) valued at Rs 56 billion from the United States reportedly without observing Public Procurement Rules.
What would be the best place to buy a new high-efficiency furnace?

My fuel supplier sells furnaces, but the least expensive one is $5999 (not including installation). Is that reasonable? If not, what WOULD be a reasonable price to pay for an oil/hot water heating system and who would install it if I didn’t buy though my oil company?

Sounds high to me also.If you live in the USA an oil boiler shouldn’t be more than three thousand and might be eligible for a tax rebate.Shop around.

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