High Efficiency Heating

high efficiency heating

high efficiency heating
Mister Sparky(R), Benjamin Franklin Plumbing(R) and One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating(TM) Join Forces for Toys for …
NASHVILLE, TN–(Marketwire – 12/04/10) – Add spreading holiday cheer to the list of home services provided by Mister Sparky America’s On-Time Electrician, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in the greater-Nashville metropolitan area. Local franchisees and company-owned stores have banded together to donate 150 over-sized remote control Hummer SUV toys to the U.S …
Has anyone had problems with Tempstar High Efficiency Furnace?

My furnace was only putting out 50 degrees Farenheit or 10 degrees Celcius during the winter. The installer came and said they couldn’t get any more heat out of it. It’s brand new.

This is not a brand issue. If you have a furnace that will only put out 50 degree air then you have a problem with the company who installed it. There are only a handful of things that can cause this problem. They need to use a monometer to check the gas pressure and be sure it is set correctly. They need to be sure they are not pulling return air from an unconditioned space. Did they do some sort of energy survey
to size the furnace or did they just shoot from the hip? Maybe the furnace is to small. Call them back and insist they make it right.

5-Ton Trane XE1000 High-Efficiency heat pump in heat mode