Heating Vent Covers

heating vent covers

heating vent covers
Chrysler to Recall Town & Country, Grand Caravan, Ram
WASHINGTON – Chrysler Group LLC is issuing two major vehicle recalls. The first recall affects more than 367,000 MY 2008 Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles, while the second recall covers more than 76,000 MY 2010-2011 Dodge Ram trucks, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Using magnetic register covers for forced air heating system?

My husband and I are trying to keep costs down in the house we just bought-
we have a fairly new Trane furnace, I’m pretty sure it’s a forced air system, not radiant, we bought some magnetic vent covers to put in the 3 bedrooms rooms we don’t use often.
I just read it’s not good to use the magnetic covers for forced air systems, however some sites recommend them. Should it be ok to use them or will be cause problems with the forced air? They do seem to be helping

central heat is designed to heat the whole house, you just make it work harder when you Block vents & shut doors. try a vent free space heater in the room/area you’re in

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