Heating Value Of Natural Gas

heating value of natural gas

heating value of natural gas
New councillors help move province forward
Twice a year in the fall, and again in the spring, rural mayors, reeves, councilors and administrators meet with government ministers at a convention organized by the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC).[…]
In light of oil-related problems (prices, Mideast problems) should the USA turn to domestic nuclear energy?

I believe that WITH THE RIGHT SAFETY PROTOCOLS nuclear energy as a replacement for heating oil (as well as natural gas) and conventional electricity would quite possibly be the most efficient alternative in the long run. Yes, this would be extremely expensive in the short term. Of course, this also entails spending huge amounts on nuclear containment safety—I think this might be worth it. Of course, if there could be no truly safe safety mechanisms and regulations, this would be flirting with disaster.

Any way (within reason) to diminish the strategic value of the Middle East would be a very good thing. Gradually making oil far less valuable might be a good start.

Anyhow—opinions and feedback?

I like nuclear energy. But people still feel like there are unsolved problems with nuclear energy. Especially storage of nuclear waste. There’s still lot of controversy on storage issues. And with problems with Mideast extremists and its followers, securities of those nuclear materials is also an issue. It is pretty good option, but not exactly slam dunk.

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