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heating system repair

heating system repair
Failed boilers leave students chilled
Bogalusa school District Superintendent Ruth Horne said she has petitioned the school board for new boilers for Superior Avenue Elementary School after the facility was without heat during the coldest days of the school year thus far.
how long does the council have to carry out repairs to central heating?

i had my central heating system “serviced” by the coucil last week wednesday, as a result they have turned of the whole system and said i need to have a new fan.

i seemed to have spent countless hours on the phone trying to find out when they will be out to repair it, as i was told on thursday it would be today, rang them about 10 times this morning only to be told that they do not know when the parts will arive.( i took a day off uni to stay in and wait for them)

they have supplied me with two tiny heaters but the house it still freezing,but i still have to have the cooker on in the kitchen to keep the place warm (and i do not want to think about how much this will cost me.)

i was trying really hard not to loose my temper with the guy on the phone, but im so bleeding cold!!

just wandered if any one had any advice on what i should do next( apart from stay under the blankets)

does the council have carry out repairs within a certain timscale ??

thanks in advance

I don’t know if the council have time limits for repairs, but I cannot think of any reason why a fan would be removed in the act of servicing a boiler, if the fan wasn’t working, the boiler would shut down (so I feel the council are being ripped off for starters, many companies pay engineers commission to ‘find’ extra work), a fan should be available normally within a couple of days, which makes the delay sound like a manpower (cutbacks) problem. e-mail your local mp, they usually get things moving when you get on to them.

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