Heating System Installation

heating system installation

heating system installation
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how much did you pay for central heat and air installation.?

i know every house is different

what is your house size?

who installed your system?

how much was it?

did you get a gas or electric system?

size: 1400 sq ft
i installed it
furnace was 2500 duct work was simple and was under 400
propane high efficiency.
to have all this done by a HVAC licensed contractor it would have been 5- 6000
as a side note i have absolutely simple duct work
1 straight “trunk” (main line) with 7 vents directly off it and 1 side “branched” vent line. total length of duct bought …under 200 feet.
i used all insulated ducts and steel vents with plastic grills (big mistake will be changing them to metal ones lol)
the plenum ( the metal part of the furnace where the ducts hook on) was custom built from sheet metal. contractors charge “big time” for this.
if i had to do EVERYTHING i did by a contractor it would cost 7000 or more. this is because i needed a custom plenum. i have a down flow furnace. it is variable speed. it is high efficiency. it is converted to LP (propane). and also because i do not have a full basement. i have a 2.5 foot crawl space. they charge more to work in such cramped quarters. if i were in a full basement house, with this work to be done and a standard (up flow) furnace it would be around 3-4000 to get all work done.

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