Heating System Design

heating system design

heating system design
GEMCO Announces First Triple State Thermal Solar Cooling/Heating Project in Canada
TORONTO, CANADA–(Marketwire – 12/07/10) – Glenbarra Energy Management Corp ( GEMCO ) announced today that it has entered into a contract with Shouldice Hospital to provide the turnkey design of Canada’s first ever ” Triple-State ” absorption thermal Cooling/Heating system to be used in Canada. The system is designed to address the cooling, heating and domestic hot water needs of the hospital …
Where can I buy improved replacement air vents for a supplemental solar heating system?

The vents it uses currently work for a 6 inch diameter air duct. The vent uses 2 flappers that are controlled by a central, removable handle that turns a screw mechanism to open/close these flappers (metal semicircles ). Unfortunately these flappers were not designed to seal well. Brackets to hold and move these flappers, have left design holes in the flappers. Also there are other gaps along the straight edge on each flapper. There must be more efficient air handling valves !

the kind of dampers you are looking for do exist, but are very expensive. it sounds like you would benefit from some 6″ round pipe zoning dampers. try this link
these are the zoning dampers that I use when i do a zoned house. you can see in the pic they have a rudder lip on the damper blade. the link explains things better than i really want to, so there u have it.

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Heating System Design