Heating System Cost

heating system cost

heating system cost
System uses energy stored in attic to heat water
SALT LAKE CITY — A new technology may put all that old hot air in your attic to good use.
Does anyone know what a Nordyne 3 ton air/heating system cost?

I have not been able to find out. It seems it is a big secrete that only installers know. Why can’t I find out how much Nordyne gets for their systems? This information should available to the public. Maybe laws should require this info be public.
How do I know if I got a good buy or not. The installer won’t tell me what he paid for it.

We aren’t sure about Nordyne, since my husband usually deals with Trane systems, but he said a unit of that caliber(3 tons) can cost up to or upwards of $2500-not including labor….

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