Heating Radiators For Homes

heating radiators for homes

heating radiators for homes
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Advice Needed on Bleeding A Central Heating Radiator?

Ok for quite a while now when i turn the central heating on,just for the heating (not for hot water or hot water and heating) i sometimes hear a slight ticking or tapping noise in one of the water pipes nearest to the heating unit (The unit is on the ground level of my home and it uses Mains Gas to boil/heat plain water which circulates around the system to heat the radiators) I suspect it could be an air lock! ,My Q Is : Which is the best way to get the air lock out of the system using a standard bleed key? In total i have 6 radiators in my home that is 3 radiators on the ground level and 3 radiators on the upper level,any advice would be much appreciated Thanks?

the ticking you hear will be the pipes expanding.

Bleeding the radiators should be done from top of house down, so that the air at the top of the house is realeased first.
use the bleed key until the air is released and you start to see the water escaping. Be sure to catch the water in a cloth as it may be dirty.

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