Heating Oil Furnace

heating oil furnace

heating oil furnace
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Can I expect a heating company to replace a faulty furnace?


I built a house 3 years ago and the brother of the builder installed the oil furnace heating system. To make a long story short, the system has had some issues, and we recently learned that it had a substandard efficiency rating when it was originally installed. The original warranty was only for 1 year. Being that the warranty is over, can I expect the company that installed it to replace or fix it at no cost? Do I have legal options? Are they worth it? It might cost $3000 for a new system.

Negative. You don’t need to watse your time trying to point the finger at anyone. If you built the house or had a builder do it and the builder’s brother installed the heating system even if he was liscensed you were/are responsible three years later. You’ll have to replace it on your own. Better do your homework this time around as fuel costs are through the roof.

Fuel oil furnace running on oil from plastic