Heating Oil?

heating oil?

Oil Heating, GM Cars: Hot Trends
*** (New information on the U.K.’s heating oil crisis and GM’s SUV recall updated in today’s Hot Trends article.) NEW YORK (TheStreet) — “Heating oil” is a popular search topic today after the United Kingdom’s government warned citizens the nation is facing an oil supply crisis. Transocean, Anadarko: Oil-Spill Suit Losers … Click to view a price quote on GM . Click to research the Automotive …
Can you get a tankless hot water heater that runs on heating oil?

Just wondering the availability of tankless hot water systems that run on heating oil. I do not have propane or nat gas in my house and would not want to go electric.
What is the best alternative? What kind of payback time am I looking at with something like this, I am likely selling the house next year, should I not even bother with this….

You won’t have time to re-coup your investment in 1 year. As far as an oil burner, you would have to do a search of all the major manufacturers. I have never heard of one, but there might be one somewhere. Good luck!

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