Heating oil?

heating oil?

UK and heating oil rationing: Are the fears of oil rationing valid?
The people of the UK seem to worried over heating oil rationing. Are their concerns valid? It appears as though the fears of UK citizens are pretty much right on point as fuel runs low and a record . . .
Heating Oil?

Does the fact the oil hit $100. and the market is in disarray seem to be having an effect on anyone so far?
A lot of people are average American workers, however, they have higher food cost…children and dental and medical insurance…College to pay for….Lots of things and they seem to be adding up at a rather alarming rate.

palin3, as long as we could contain the oil prices, it’d be ok for an average working american. The escalating oil prices, maybe until springtime, only affect the poors. For most of us consumers, it doesn’t make much of a difference!

Heating oil rising

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