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Mechanical fire in house causes $300,000 in damage
A heating, ventilating and cooling unit at a house on Wall Roadwest of Rutherford burned, causing an estimated $300,000 worth ofdamage, CalFire said Saturday. 
New Heating & Cooling Business… What are some ways to get the word out?

We just started a new business… we have contacted all the phone books and they dont come out again until Spring. We also put an ad in this Sunday paper. Other than those 2 things, do you have any ideas on how to get the word out???

I used to work for an HVAC co. I used to distribut flyers door to door and they did really well on the flyers. I got a commission on them so I was motivated.
Make sure you target the right neighborhoods.Also they had a flyer that advertised Installing attic fans to reduce energy costs .These were inexpensive for the homeowner and kept us busy until big jobs came along and they also led to bigger sales.
I hoped this helps

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