Heating and cooling with solar energy. All year long.

Heating and cooling with solar energy. All year long.

NRG to Acquire 290-Megawatt Agua Caliente Solar Project from First Solar
NRG Energy, Inc. and First Solar, Inc. today announced that NRG, through its wholly owned subsidiary, NRG Solar, has agreed to acquire the 290-megawatt Agua Caliente solar project from First Solar.

Empower & Heat Your Home with Renewable Energy

Remember the Earth Hour when BigBen stood tall and dark evidence of growing global awareness how we are getting sensitive to drastic climate change and mounting energy costs. Another instance of our alertness is mushrooming of renewable energy plants across the world and use of the same energy in innumerable households. Though renewable solutions initially appeared far cry from common households and they are coming to our reach, gradually. Moreover, with governmental financial aids are coming in galore to promote the notion and utilisation of such alternative energy along with various types of rebates, incentives – costs of using alternative renewable energy turn out to be feasible now. The best thing about this kind of energy is its availability due to the sources from which it is taken such as the sun, water, wind, waste material etc. as a homeowner, you can make advantage of energy systems –

Solar Panels – Solar panels are fitted usually on either on the roof of the house or in the backyard area. Expenses of installing solar panels may oscillate from 10,000 to 20,000 pounds. Installing these solar panels are eligible for most of the state or utility tax credits, rebates and incentives which can minimise costs of installing these panels for up to 50%. During natural calamity when power failure is a common mishap such as rolling blackouts or severe winter storms, people can source energy from either their stored electricity or solar panels. Moreover, such renewable energy equipment comes with around 10 years of warranty as it often takes this much long periods to recover investment costs.

Wind Turbines – another good source of renewable energy and lower your energy bills up to 15 percent or even more than that. Installing small turbines may cost around 1,000 to 5,000 bucks and luckily, small turbine installations are subject to receiving state government and utility tax credits plus other rebates. However, it is imperative to determine if your house is in condition to fit such turbines on the basis of location of the property, wind conditions, flexibility of home owners’ associations etc.

Other good ways you can empower your house with renewable energy plants includes geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar hot water systems, hydrogen gas fuel cells, micro hydro energy systems, biomass combustion boilers etc.

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