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heating and cooling units

heating and cooling units
Construction manager makes pitch to Norristown Area School Board
WEST NORRITON — An architect and construction management consultant under consideration to supervise HVAC work at two Norristown Area schools over the next two years introduced himself to the Norristown Area School Board on Monday, Sept. 20.
I work in a “sick” building what are our rights?

Several of my co-workers and myself have discovered that our allergies go haywire whenever we are at work and get much better when we leave work. It is an older building with separate heating/cooling units. It’s hot here now so we are using our cooling units. The units when on for at least an hour actually spray particles of dirt all over my desk, I would turn it off but then it would be quite hot. We asked HR to look into the quality of air here and see if there could be a massive clean out or something and they refused. Do we have any rights to make this happen?

fyi, I have worked here for five years and it has never been as bad as it is now.

Any input?

Contact OSHA. They require your employer provide you with a safe and healthy workplace free from identified hazards.

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