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Energy Efficient Improvements Equal Big Savings for Homeowners
RISMEDIA, December 6, 2010—For most Americans, the holiday season means shopping for family and friends. But this year, spending a little money at home can equal big savings today, next year and for years to come. With time running out…
Is this my furnace or thermostat?

It seems like every year I have to have some type of maintenance issue with my furnace (only 7 years old). This years issue is different from all past years (usually have problems with ignition or flame sensor).

Here’s the problem, I set the temperature at 73, and the house temperature will regulate between 69-71. If I set the temperature at 75, the house will still only regulate between 69-71. Hours will go by without the furnace ever turning on, but then once the house drops below 69, it will kick on. When I look at the digital thermostat, it almost always says “system on” even though the furnace will not be running (should only show that if the furnace is on)

Does this sound like the thermostat, or could there be a problem in the furnace itself? If so, are thermostats difficult to install, or should I call a Heating and Cooling company?

I would replace the Tstat first. No they are not that hard to change out. Just make sure you not what color wire was on what terminal on the old thermostat. Make sure you shut the power off at the furnace so you dont damage the control board or fry you new stat. Once the new stat is install turn the power back on the furnace and test heat operation. If you continue to have furnace heat delay problems or cycling I suspect the furnace may have a problem.

Note: if the t stat you have if you installed it or someone else did there is a hidden menu on some stats to change the cycle rate of how often it comes or per hour or how less. If it was set up incorrectly this could also be the problem. Hard to say with out knowing what stat you have. But a new stat is cheap and I would just swap out the one you have. You can get a decent one for under 40 bucks

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