Heat Your Home

heat your home

heat your home
Heat Beat Bucks 88-78 For Season-Best 5th Straight Win
What’s Your Reaction? MILWAUKEE — Dwyane Wade had 25 points and a career-high 14 rebounds back in the city where his career took off and the Miami Heat beat the Milwaukee Bucks 88-78 on Monday night for their fifth straight win.
How do YOU heat your home and where do you live?

Example: I live in sw Ga USA and I use a Woodheater/fireplace w blower, a heat pump ,And for emergencys the stove is propane.

I live in Florida and luckily, it never gets cold enough to need a heater.

However, when I went to NC for vacation, the cabins we stayed in had a furnace under the floor and vents in all the rooms. Needless to say, the floor was always warm to the touch, and felt nice when our feet were cold.