Heat Transfer Systems

heat transfer systems

heat transfer systems
S.C. factories on upswing
An unlikely bright spot is emerging to rescue South Carolina’s economy from the depths of recession: the state’s long-battered manufacturing sector.
1) find out what type of heating system you have at home?

2)what type of fuel does the system convert to heat?
3) which of the three types of heat transfer does yoyr heater use to heat the house?
4) if your heater heats 100g of water from 21 degrees C to 30 degrees C, how much heat in joules does the water absorb?
5) explain why your heater increases the total entropy in the universe.

I have a gas heater. it uses gas to heat air. it uses forced air to transfer the heat to the house. I have no idea what a joule is, and i have no idea about the universe. 😛 that was fun……………..

Conveyorized shock absorber heat transfer system