Heat Recovery Systems

heat recovery systems

heat recovery systems
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Is Industrial Waste Heat Energy Recovery the same as Cogeneration or CHP Combined Heat/Power?

I have to find a spokesperson/expert on the industrial heat recovery energy. I found the terms Cogeneration or HCP during my researches but as I am not an expert on the subject, I was wondering if someone could tell me if this is the same process/technology than Waste Heat Recovery?

Here is a company which is a leader in China:
China Energy Recovery (CER), headquartered in Shanghai, is an international leader in designing, fabricating, implementing and servicing energy recovery systems. CER’s technology captures industrial waste energy to produce low cost electrical power, which enables industrial manufacturers to reduce their energy costs, shrink their emissions footprint, and generate sellable emissions credits.

Thanks a lot for your help. And if you know the name of a spokesperson other than Roger Ballentines, it would be even more helpful.

There are many applications for waste heat recovery that do not involve power generation. The waste heat is used instead for systems such as absorption refrigeration, water evaporation or other processes that utilize low level heat energy.

This type of technology as well as cogeneration systems are old technology and any competent engineering firm that deals in process plants can design or build such systems.

I am personally aware of dozens that have been built in the last 35 years in various sizes.

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