Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater
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2002 Ford Focus water pump or heater core?

I have a 2002 ford focus and it has been leaking water for just over a year. It is leaking faster now. And I have noticed that heat is coming inside the car from the floor. I checked under the car and saw water dripping from the water pump. However the water pump has not given any of the tell tell signs that it is going out such as the squeaking and or grinding. I don’t know where the heater core is so I don’t know if it could be leaking down onto the water pump making it look like it is leaking. And if it is the water pump how would that explain the heat venting into the car. Any advice would be great…thanks

The leak at the pump is the tell tale sign of a worn pump. When the bushing gets worn, the coolant starts coming out a weep hole they put there. It’s done that way on purpose to give you some warning.
The leak inside is something different. If it smells like antifreeze, it’s the heater core. If it’s just water, you just have a clogged AC drain.

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