Heat Pump Service

heat pump service

heat pump service
Family Says Payne Heat Pump Makes Terrible Noise
The sounds coming out of their heat pump are keeping them awake all night. Now they’re worried their warranty isn’t valid.
Can I run my heat pump without aux heat (gas) connected?

I have a Lennox 10HPB heat pump and a Lennox C33-60D-R Natural Gas Furnace in my home, it is controlled by a Honeywell T8411R Stat.
I have the gas service shut off at the residence, since it is vacant, but I would like to run the electric heat pump unit it gets real cold out.
What do I need to do to tell the unit to bypass the Watchdog mode since there is no gas to fire burners?

The easiest approach would be to pull the heat control wire(s) off at the furnace control board. This way, the furnace never sees a call for heating even if the thermostat wants additional heat. The possible wiring terminals could be W, W1, and/or W2. All would need to be removed until the gas is restored.

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