Heat Pump Prices

heat pump prices

heat pump prices
After Long Journey, Bainbridge Prototypes for Sale
The Housing Resources Board hopes to sell the units to income-qualified buyers for less than $130,000 each.
How much should a new 2 1/2 ton heat pump and air handler cost new and installed?

We need to replace our old furnace and air conditioning unit. Any idea how much a nice quality new 13 seer unit would cost. We will have the work done by someone local so labor will be included in the price. There will be removal of old furnace and a.c.. No new ductwork, just a standard installation. We need a rough idea how much it might cost to see if it will be affordable for us.

How do you know you need 2.5 ton? Ducts designed and installed for gas or oil heat generally are undersized for heat pumps. What size electric service do you have? How far from electric distribution box will the unit be?
Have a manual J heat load calculation done. Make sure your duct system is adequate (manual D I believe). Anything else is just guess work and you don’t want to pay these prices for guess work.
You may need to upgrade your electric service, 200 amp minimum.
Why 13 SEER, this puppy will run year around. Get the highest efficiency you can afford.
Get a good filter system, Air Bear or April Air 5000 to protect your coil.
Get a 10 year parts and labor warranty! (the ones offered by the manufacturer are generally best)
Get an annual maintenance program, dirt is your worst enemy with heat pumps.
I see better heating performance from Rheem heat pumps than the rest.
Don’t let price decide your choice, there’s a reason some brands are a lot cheaper than others. (Like the old FRAM commercial, pay me now or pay me later and again later and again later)
Price will depend on a lot of things, only a contractor actually looking at the job can decide what will be involved and how much to charge. But this isn’t a $3000 job! Somewhere $5000 and $7500 on a guess if the electric service is good to go.

Standard Furnace and Air Conditioners vs Heat Pump Price