Heat Pump Installation Cost

Heat Pump Installation cost

heat pump installation cost
Suburban builder constructs ‘one-watt’ house
Ultra energy-efficient homes, known as certified Passive Houses, are few and far between in the United States. But a house in far West suburban La Fox, near Geneva, will soon receive that designation.The design in based on building practices in many European countries, most notably Germany and Austria, where Passive Houses are common and will soon become the standard.
Can I replace a stolen heat pump by myself?

I had a heat pump stolen that was hooked into my furnace and I need to replace just the heat pump. It was an Amana 13 SEER 24,000 BTUh system. If I ordered one would it be easy to just hook it up myselfy since the wires and plumbing are already there? Are there any issues with getting a larger unit or a 14 SEER unit to replace it? It seems like very high installation costs vs. the cost of ordering a heat pump and installing it myself, but I do not have any experience with this although I can do basic plumbing and electric work.

man o man…some of these answers are funny as hell…not practical for you to do this yourself…you cannot buy refrigerant (it is not called freon folks…freon is a trade name owned by dupont)…also if you find someone to sell you the equipment they are going to charge you as much as the contractor that you end up selecting and no warranty…as far as putting in a 14 seer unit, probably will have to stay with 13 seer as a 14 seer unit will require a slightly larger indoor evap coil (the “thingy” the “plumbing” lines run to in your house…and they are actually referred to as the “line set” as they carry refrigerant not water) upgrading to 14 seer won’t save you a whole lot of $$$ in the short or long run anyways…if you were going to go to like 16 or 18 seer then you would notice a decrease in your electric bill but that kind of equipment is still very expensive and will probably not be compatible with your existing stuff that wasn’t stolen.

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