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heat pump hvac

heat pump hvac
Can I heat my home with only one furnace?
Homefix: Dwight Barnett answers home-improvement questions. This week’s topic is on changing a home heating system from two to one furnaces.
Is it the HVAC industry’s practice to run tests after replacing the compressor on a heat pump?

Our compressor went on our heat pump, it was replaced. Three weeks later when we needed the central air it did not work. The compressor went again and this time when it was replaced they found it not working because there was a restriction in the system. Should this have been found after the first compressor was replaced? Do we have any recourse on who pays for the refrigerant(because we had 14lbs put in the first time and it was found to be contaminated now, therefore they had to drain and put 20lbs of refrigerant in the system) and labor? Are we being ripped off?

If you go to any a/c parts supply, they will tell you that it’s easy to see which a/c techs evacuate the refrigerant lines properly with the compressor change-outs, by the number of subsequent failures and/or warranty claims. You mechanic failed to properly evacuate the old refrigerant from the line prior to replacement, and/or install a drier. The subsequent failure was caused by the “non-condensables” in the old refrigerant (water/dirt/acid) destroying the new part.

This is well-known to the tech, the parts house who has to process the warranty claim, and the company you are dealing with. You are not liable for the additional costs incurred from their lack of diligence. If they press the issue, it is best to get ahold of the compressor manufacturer and ask them for their installation specifications. In any event, a manufacturer’s rep should be able to shed considerable light on the case of the Suspect Compressor Replacement.

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