Heat Pump Hot Water

heat pump hot water

heat pump hot water
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Gas Central heating water pump noisy?

I’ve got a problem with my gas central heating, the water pump for the radiators is whining really loudly but only when the boiler is heating the water and it’s pumping very hot water.

I’ve bled the system of air, there is already fernox system protector in the system (about 3 years old) and I’ve added this week Tower Triple X system silencer which seemed to quiet things down but only for a day.

Is there anything else I can try or is it time to replace the pump (which is about 7 years old, but apart from the noise is working fine).

If a replacement pump is required how much would you expect to pay for one fitted and to service the gas conventional boiler at the same time?

I’ve also checked all the pipes it’s not them banging or vibrating.

This can be due to 2 faults. Sounds like the pump bearings are worn, or you have a pocket of air circulating around the impellor of the pump. You may have an air vent on the pump to clear this, but if you have vent it with the boiler off. It is not difficult to change the pump yourself if venting air does not make a difference. There mmay be isolation valves on either side of the pump which you turn off with a sloted screwdriver, then undo the pump unions and wriggle it out. You will spill some water that is held in the pump doing this. If there are no isolation valves, then turn off the water supply to the boiiler and then remove the pump.A new pump will vary in price, depending on the type fitted. Average price is between £50/60. A charge for servicing varies depending on the Service schedule for the boiler, so get a quote before having it done. Good luck.

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