Heat Pump Heating And Cooling

Heat Pump Heating and cooling

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Why does the fan of the upstairs apt heating/cooling unit run for about 10 sec then stop, then run again?

I live in a condo and the fan for the Carrier heating/cooling unit (it’s a heat pump, I believe) for the upstairs condo (the unit is situated just outside my porch) will spin for about 5-10 seconds, shut off for about 5-10 seconds, and then spin for 5-10 seconds, then shut off (and so on and so forth). I have no earthly idea why it does this, and my unit, which is identical, does not have this same issue. This is not entirely continuous, but it tends to do this at night while I try to sleep. Any ideas?

sounds like a short.

Ground Source Heating and Cooling – How it works using Ground Source Heat Pumps.mp4