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heat pump calculator
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Air source heat pump design case study – air source heat pump, heat pump, air conditioning – HVAC Industry

First, heat pump types and their characteristics:

  1. Scroll compressor heat pump units:?

Scroll compressor capacity compressor, a stable operation, little vibration, low noise, used air – air heat pump units, suitable for medium and small projects. ?

2. Piston compressor heat pump units:?

Piston compressor capacity compressor, complex, low speed, vibration, noise, big, small unit capacity, multi-head combination can be assembled into a 1 million kcal / heat pump units at about, COP = 3.0 ~ 3.5;?

3. Screw compressor heat pump units:?

Screw compressor compressors for volume, simple structure, stable operation, little vibration, low noise, long life, COP = 3.5 ~ 4.5, suitable for medium and small projects, multi-head pump Units can be used for larger projects. Single screw for the balanced one-way operation, wear a small, non-axial thrust, the exhaust efficiency is slightly lower than the twin-screw. ?

2, Heat Pump Design: 1. Selection principles:? Heat pump has advantages and disadvantages, with the same capacity compared to single cold water unit, its power capacity, high cost, with air temperatures in winter heating capacity of attenuation serious, severe frost, etc., so, When a steam source in a project, the air conditioning cold and heat source should be “single cold water heat exchanger unit plus” program. Wuxi city steam heat network is being formed, we should be given priority over programs. I think that hospitals, hotels and other high temperature requirements of the winter heating projects not suitable for heat pump units, office buildings, hotels and other projects are more appropriate because they are generally used during the day, Heat Pump Heating capacity decay is small, even heating and less effective indoor staff can wear more clothes and affect smaller. ?

2. Selection method:? Although the southern region of cooling load is greater than the general engineering thermal load, but the designers should calculate the cooling load in summer and winter engineering thermal load, press the unit cooling capacity cooling load to select the heat pump model, and then look The following inequality is established: Heat Pump outdoor air temperature for the winter (such as: Wuxi area -5 ) heating capacity under construction in winter heat load. If the inequality holds, the selection of appropriate heat pump unit. If the inequality does not hold, should be located in the air conditioning pipes on the auxiliary heating device or increase the capacity of heat pump units. Inequalities in Southern China over the general project is set up. ?

3. Reciprocating and screw-type heat pump units a number of performance comparison:?

Sales for many manufacturers to commercial interests, often one-sided or even malicious slander a brand or piston, screw-type heat pump units, we designers can not be blinded by the trivial, careful understanding of the performance of various models to make Selection of the right to judge. ? burn compressor problem: One reason is that selection does not result evaporator, for example, piston or screw-type heat pump units (taken

With the F-22 refrigerant) selected over evaporator difficulty due to back easily burn compressor oil; second reason is that impurities cause oil lubrication system is dirty, or compressor suction filter for admixture was broken causing smoke inhalation compressor impurities, impurities are easily damaged electrical insulation; The third reason is overheating protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, defective;?

liquid impact problems: In fact, liquid impact on the piston and screw compressors are negative, both compression efficiency should be reduced;

efficient control of the compressor: piston-type and screw-type heat pump cooling (heat) quantity by capacity control solenoid valve control, when the piston compressor part load operation can be reduced to adjust the number of cylinders, screw compressor is adjusted by sliding valve. In the part of the load, both shaft power were lower COP values run almost [1];?

oil problem: piston and screw compressors are required in the summer and winter on heating oil, so that the refrigerant oil

Volatile out to ensure the normal lubrication of the compressor;?

maintenance problem: piston compressor parts about 268, the vulnerability of more than 1000 hours of the repair, maintenance, large; and screw-type compressor parts about 26, wearing of small, trouble-free operation a long time. Under normal operation, after a number of years if you replace the oil, filters, bearings, etc.;?

noise: screw-type heat pump units are the main sources of fan noise, noise in the unit generally 80dB (A) so, so units should use low-noise, low speed, vibration (via static and dynamic balance test) fan products, such as the Xerox 100 German companies use axial flow fans, 100RT screw-type heat pump noise can be controlled within 74dB (A) left and right. The piston pump units generally noise 80dB (A) above. We should note that the standard noise measurement method and measured tone chamber and the difference between normal environment issues;?

we also need to sample the heat pump manufacturers in winter heating capacity is 8 ambient temperature value, not the winter air temperature, the value calculation. ?

3, Heat Pump Design Case Study:

The following to the last few years I encountered in the design or see case study on heat pump units, after discuss it with colleagues. ?

Case : A project is a long history and has local characteristics of foreign business hotel, located in the roof of the six units central air conditioning heat pump model YCA90H (cooling capacity: 81KW), water pump model SB-X80 -65-155K (90T / H; 31M; 11KW)

The system, that some heat pump will not start. I would first check on the chilled water pump, water pump running current was found half of the rated current, water pump factory recognize quality problems, changing the parameters of the basic close impeller design value. The system running again, individual heat pump unit will not start the problem persists, indicating that the root of the problem is not a pump the size of the maintenance issues before and after the chilled water flow. At this time, some designers began to suspect a drag pump heat pump units 6 program No, no frozen water lines for the different programs, application pump, heat pump units correspond to the program. I think that the above two options are feasible. I found that after the heat pump units and even individual outlet pipe on the flow switch adjustment screw adjusted to minimum, still have not start, hard to use screwdriver to open unit pressure balance sheet. The construction site after repeated research and the flow switch, flow switch finally found a balance sheet in the other end of a very modest little screws with adjusting screw described above forces the contrary, they are a
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