Heat Pump Air Conditioning

heat pump air conditioning

heat pump air conditioning
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Any suggestions are hiding a large (4 feet wide x 3×4 deep) air conditioning/ heat pump outside my house?

I have a typical a/c heat pump unit outside of my house. I was wondering if I could build a box with circulation around it or something else to hide it since I think it looks awful…
The sugggestions are really helpful. Thankyou.. I’m not sure if I know what a shadow box is. Is that just a frame for the lattice work. Also I had no idea how much space for circulation… Thanks.. any more ideas??
The side fence is great but the unit is now at the front of the house. I need build something around it but then extend whatever I use to build around it to flow from the sides around the house and maybe upwards to. Other wise is will just be another big cover up.. def needs something to flow… thx for helpiing..

You can’t box it in or your system will burn up. You can build a fence around it as long as it stays at least 12″ away from the sides, has a 6″ gap all the way around the bottom and the top is open. You can use lattice as suggested above, but that looks worse than the unit. Tall shrubbery at least 18″ away from it works well, but it needs maintained so that it stays 18″ away from it.

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