Heat Exchanger Price

heat exchanger price

heat exchanger price
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i am doing a design project of an ethanol plant – where can i get prices of equipments such as heat exchanger,

well i have a lot of difficulty to get quotation of equipment such as fermentor tower, distillation column, hydrocyclone, heater, pump and tanks… if you could help me it would be great

I would suggest you check out the yellow pages for Houston, TX; Tulsa, OK you will find several manufacturers for heat exchangers, pressure vessels, tanks, heaters and pumps.

Assuming you have sufficient definition of each item in terms of size, capacity, surface area, working pressure, materials of construction you should be able to get estimates of just about any piece of equipment you will need.

I do not wish to discourage you but, if you don’t have a process flow diagram with a heat and material balance for the plant you are going to have a very hard time developing a cost estimate using major equipment cost.

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