Heat Exchanger Cost

heat exchanger cost

heat exchanger cost
Wanderport Corporation Successfully Determines Heat Exchanger Dimensions and Parameters
NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – December 21, 2010) – Wanderport Corp. ( PINKSHEETS : WDRP ) today announced that the company has successfully determined the appropriate dimensions and parameters for the microwave energy tank-less water heater’s heat exchanger.
Automotive radiator’s corrosion resistance?

Anyone know if an automotive radiator can withstand chlorinated pool water. I would like to heat the indoor pool water in my home by running a fan forced radiator system in my attic. I can use a heat exchanger which would add to the cost and reduce the efficiency some what. I am also having difficulty locating a the heat exchanger.
Thanks for the info. I wanted to know if was worth it using a stainless steel heat exchanger, my reasoning is that the attic is three floor up from the pool which means I would be using electric energy to transport water up to the attic about 24 feet from the pool to heat it through the radiator and then letting gravity bring it down. With a heat exchanger the gravity bring the water down would also help push the water back up because it would be a closed system. Tell me what you think would save pumping energy?

An automotive radiator core is generally made of copper and is capable of circulating the chlorinated water without problem.
If you are using an old radiator you would have to be sure that it was free of old engine muck and coolant residue.

A car radiator is quite small though compared to the volume of water in a standard size swimming pool and for this reason may not be very effective as a pool heater. although I do like the concept.

There are a number of quite interesting web articles on diy solar pool heater/water heater units.
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