Government Heating Grants

government heating grants

government heating grants
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Is there government assistance for eradicating mold from your home, and other health and safety issues?

We have a mortgage on our home. We qualify for some government assistance programs (CHP+, LEAP, free lunch program at public school) so our income is low to moderate.

We are a one-income family with 3 children.

We have a problem with heating our home efficiently and there is the added problem of mold on any wall that is an outside wall. Mold also accumulates on the window frames on the inside of the house.

I feel it is affecting our health but we don’t know where to start with eliminating the mold, making sure it doesn’t come back and are severly limited in funds to do anything.

Does anyone know of any grants, subsidies or programs that we might qualify for?

i think that HUD has some programs…contact them

good luck

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