Goodman Air Conditioners

Goodman Air Conditioners

Goodman Air Conditioners
Central air conditioner is not working properly, the fan outside is not spinning, making no noise. Help?

I own a Goodman Air Conditioning unit. When I turned on the air conditioning today
(first time this year), I noticed the air from the vents wasn’t as cold as it should be. I went outside to check the unit and noticed that the fan wasn’t spinning. Not only was the fan not spinning, but the unit wasn’t making any noise at all (completely silent).

Why would air come out from the vents, but yet the outside unit isn’t working?

What could the problem be? and an estimate of the cost to fix it would be greatly appreciated

Using the thermostat, I shut the air conditioning off. I then went outside to stand by the unit. I had my girlfriend turn the thermostat on again. When she turned on the air conditioning (thermostat), I heard a clicking noise from the outside unit. That was it, a click and then nothing.

I don’t know much about air conditioning units, but I do know that there not cheap to fix.

.You have two power sources energizing your outside unit.One source of power comes from a small wire going to the outside unit its job is to close a set of contacts in the unit to tell the main power ,run this unit.That power[from the thermostat] is working since you hear a click.More than likely your contacts are messed up to the point of not allowing the main power across. sometimes if you turn the unit on and off a couple of times it may work for awhile.If that was the problem, here I would charge 150.00 to fix.

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