Geothermal Home Heating

geothermal home heating

geothermal home heating
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Is geothermal heating in Anchorage, AK plausable, or is it just too cold there?

I really want to install geothermal heating in my recently purchased 2,000sqft home in Alaska, but couldn’t find any contractors in the area. So, I wonder if it’s even doable there, or if it just gets too cold. If it is doable, then how easy and expensive would it be to install myself?

Jake G doesn’t quite have it right.

You don’t need a volcanic vent for Geothermal heating.

It is just a fact, that the deeper you go in the earth, the warmer it gets. Geothermal heating uses the heat in the ground to warm up fluid and bring it into your house where the heat is exchanged with cooler air and the fluid is recycled through the pipes in the earth.

Yes you can have geothermal heating in alaska, and it will cost about $30,000-$50,000 to install

Geothermal Heating from Direct Energy