Geothermal Heating Systems

geothermal heating systems

geothermal heating systems
D-205 facility plan further detailed
Four new items were added to the Dec. 13 District 205 School Board agenda at a Committee of the Whole meeting Thursday evening.
Geothermal heating system having a problem…?

Heres the problem: It’s a close loop system and the inlet water temperature is reading 31.4 degrees. Do i have this problem because it was short looped? Or was it because of the header being to close to the earths surface? Or is there any other reasons..? We’ve had several professionals come out and look at it, but no one seems to know anything. If anyone knows anything about this, please let here your thoughts! Thanks!

I can likely help you, but I would need a lot more information, for instance what is the other return line temperature, is the unit Celsius or Fahrenheit, is the compressor operating, was 1500 foot per ton loop installed?
etc. email me/ I also suggest and look over thestandard for ground source heat pumps.

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