Geothermal Heating Installation

geothermal heating installation

geothermal heating installation
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Geothermal heating. Your experiences?

I’m considering geothermal heating for my home, but worry about the high price and don’t know much about performance. For those of you who have geothermal systems or know people who do (or just know a bit about them): Are you satisfied with your choice? How much did the system with installation cost, and does it seem possible to come ahead financially in the long term?

The Geothermal system which I had in a previous home worked well here in Michigan. HOWEVER, we filled a small pond with all of the water the system pumped out of the ground, there are as many valves as heat zones in your home, lots of opportunities for service calls, the reaction time of the system to raise the temp in your home is much slower than a forced air system.
NOW, the good stuff, I percieved the heat to be “warmer” than a forced air system. I was just warmer feeling at 65 degrees in that home as in my current home with a forced air furnace. The temperature of the house seemed to be quite stable.
Hope this helps.

Geothermal Ground loop Installation