Geothermal Heating Installation

geothermal heating installation

geothermal heating installation
can well water be used for geothermal heating?

It seems like using an open loop system using the already existing well and water in it would be a good cost effective use of the large mass of water 60 ft. below the surface. Couldn’t you constantly circulate it to exchanger for the heat pump? this would be a separate pump from the water supply for the home.please give any and all suggestions.I really want geothermal heat but cant afford the typical installation

There are Heat Exchange Systems being used for individual buildings that are more or less doing exactly what you say, relying on the constant temperature of the ground below a certain depth to allow it to serve as a source of heat in winter and a sink for heat in summer.

I believe the Scandinavians have made the most use of this technology and have it pretty well advanced. It isn’t cheap to install. Not all that common in North America yet, although the idea is quite sound.

Bosch Launches New Geothermal Product Line for US Market
FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — Bosch Thermotechnology North America, a leading provider of energy efficient heating and air conditioning comfort systems and high quality solar thermal systems and water heaters for homes and businesses, announced today a series of enhancements to its product portfolio and HVAC professional support network for its geothermal heating and cooling systems in the United States.

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