Geothermal Heating Cost

Geothermal Heating Cost

geothermal heating cost
WYANDOTTE: City breaks ground on area’s first geothermal utility
WYANDOTTE — The city has broken ground — literally and figuratively — on the area’s first geothermal utility.
How much would a geothermal heating system cost?

How much would it cost to set up geothermal for a single home. I know it can very but if you have any numbers at all that would be great and the sq. footage of the house.

Thank you

I am paying just under $20,000 for a 4 ton two stage Tranquelity unit by Climate master. My house is 2,400 sf. I have 2 zones. One upstairs one downstairs. I am having horozontal trnches dug. 600 feet 2 feet wide 4 feet deep 4 pipes in each trench for a total of 2400 ft. All the connections are going to be made inside my basement. I’m getting off the fuel oil. love that idea.

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