Geothermal Heating Cost

geothermal heating cost

geothermal heating cost
Do you have a residential geothermal heating system.?

Please share you experience- who installed it, how much did it cost, how well does it work, how much did your energy bills change by. if u have or had solar and could compare please do. trying to decide if it’s worth it to do this.

I don’t an actual system, but I have some knowledge on how a geothermal system works. Geothermal heating systems, also called ground-source heat pumps, capture the supply of heat energy and move it from the Earth and through a home or building by recycling water through PVC pipe. Basically, once installed, a home or building owner will use much less energy, save money each month, and reduce the amount of pollution produced by fossil fuel systems. It has recently been estimated that if all the school sysytems in the US were to convert to a geothermal system that would save 200 million barrels of crude oil a year!

Call your local HVAC specialist, he should have information on local area contractors who specialize in this sort of work

‘Safe room’ ensures security in a storm
When State Farm Insurance agent Garnett West was planning his new office building, he knew he wanted to make it energy efficient by installing geothermal heating and cooling. But when he asked his staff what one thing they wanted in the new building, a :”safe room” in case of tornadoes was the unanimous answer.

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